Table of Contents



Section I. Getting Started
    Chapter 1. How to Benefit from this Book
    Chapter 2. Basic Theory

Section II. Voice Dialogue Sessions
    Chapter 1. Documenting a Session
    Chapter 2. Putting a Session in Context
    Chapter 3. Expanding Our Awareness

Section III. Energetic Sensitivity Training
    Chapter 1. Basic Energy
    Chapter 2. Energetics of the Selves

Section IV. Every Day Life
    Chapter 1. Tracking Your Daily Activities
    Chapter 2. Tracking Your Selves
    Chapter 3. Enhancing Your Aware Ego Process

Section V. Relationships
    Chapter 1. Understanding Bonding Patterns
    Chapter 2. Power and Vulnerability in Relationships

Section VI. Dreams
    Chapter 1. Remembering dreams
    Chapter 2. Furthering Our Dream Process

Section VII. Connection to Our Authentic Being