Voice Dialogue and
The Psychology of Selves
Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves (also known as the Psychology of the Aware Ego), are powerful tools that enable people to awaken the process of self-awareness within them. Originated by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, this work is a powerful psycho-spiritual approach to consciousness. It introduces us to the myriad of selves and energies that make up who we are, and allows us to explore them in safe ways that lead to a new perspective and appreciation of all that we are and can be.
The main components of the work involve tools to develop a deeper consciousness of our many Parts/Inner Selves (ones that we are both aware of and in many cases, not as well), Bonding Patterns among our various inner selves in our relationshps, Energetics within ourselves and between us and others, and coming into an understanding of the guidance that comes from our Dreams.
Lawrence Novick, PhD, is one of the senior-most practitioners and teachers of this paradigm, having been involved with Hal and Sidra Stone since 1979. He was in their first training program, and was one of the original group of trainers assisting them in seminars as their work first became more public. He does private training sessions and teaches workshops in all aspects of the theory and practice of the Psychology of Selves/Aware Ego Psychology. He also holds in-depth classes in Inner Aikido/Voice Dialogue Energetics Training, which he taught at the Stones' Summer Kamps.
Lawrence offers General Training as well as a Mentorship Program for those who are interested in learning Voice Dialogue and the theories of the Psychology of Selves/Aware Ego Psychology, as well as for those who are already practitioners and wish to deepen their understanding and skills.