Samples from

The Deeper Path:

by Lawrence Novick
break on the shore.

Their Essence
lies beyond
in the vast and subtle ocean.

come and go.

Their Source
is the Conscious Soul
behind our eyes.

Seek the true nature of Life,
the ineffable Spirit
that is everywhere,
behind everything.

It is there
we will find comfort
understanding, beauty, knowledge,
and wisdom

  The body  
  is the temple  
  of the soul.  

  The Earth Walk  
  is the Living Temple  
  of our Spiritual Journey.  

Being a conscious person
means more than
being identified with
Higher Consciousness.

That is only one part
of a much larger reality.

Embrace all that you are.

Seek an understanding
of how all aspects
of consciousness
interact and fit together.

is not about acting a certain way;
solemn, serious, pious, reverent.

It is about being
open to Spirit
and allowing one's choices
to be guided
by the sincerity and depth
of that connection.