Energy Perception Training
Energy Perception and Sensitivity Training is about perception, experience, and consciousness. It is about opening up to the world of energy within us and around us, and becoming adept at feeling energy witnin oneself, and perceiving the deeper dynamics of reality as they unfold around us at this subtle level. It also involves learning to discern the different energy patterns that make up who we are, including learning about energies that we disown. This is profound in terms of inner balance and clarity of consciousness.
The training includes:

Centering and Ki/Chi Energy - fundamental training for grounding and feeling energy

Energy Sensitivity and Scanning - learn to experience changes in energy within and around you and how that effects your life and relationships.

Chakra work - learn to feel and discern different levels of fundamental energy in ourselves and in others, which allows us to understand a deeper level of where people are coming from and connecting from, and where our own energy is focused.

Supportive/Healing work - learn to perceive where a person may have energy blocks and issues, and how to clear them and help energy flow properly. This includes Auric Clearing and Kiatsu Training, an art that comes from Aikido that works in a "hand's-on way" to support energy flow in the body. It is a powerful resource for rejuvenation and healing.

Energy Shielding for Self-Protection - learn to have strong boundaries at the energetic level and not take in another person's energy that you don't feel is healthy or appropriate.
Lawrence Novick has been teaching Energy Work in different contexts, for many years. Applicable to Aikido training, Psychology of Selves and Voice Dialogue work, bodywork and subtle and holistic healing, spiritual work and development, and other endevors that are enhanced by awareness and skill in regard to subtle energy, this training brings grounded competancy at both basic and advanced levels.