ACE Aikido
Aikido is a form of self-defense, a martial art, but it is also a way of looking at and experiencing life; a philosophy of harmony and non-dissension, non-violent empowerment, and consciousness meant to be brought into everyday life

The techniques of Aikido are based on redirecting and neutralizing negative or aggressive energy in a circular manner rather than confronting it directly and trying to harm someone with a violent response. This transforms self-defense training into a process of inner development and conscious, compassionate empowerment, rather than just fighting and winning.

The ACE style brings to the practice the Awareness of being Extended with Ki, or Energy, from one's Center, and bringing the depth and quality of this dynamic, conscious state to every movement, every technique, every interaction, on the mat and in life. This transforms a physical practice into an inner discipline of expanding consciousness. Alongside this, the principles of harmony, compassion for an opponent, and a sense of positive energy and enjoyment, bring a whole different mind-set to the experience of learning martial arts and self-defense.

ACE Aikido was co-founded in 1982 by Lawrence Novick and the late Don O'Bell. Lawrence is head instructor and director of the independent ACE Aikido style and dojo in Santa Monica, California. This style is distinctive in it's depth of Ki energy training, and concepts such as Kinesthetic Invisibility, that Don O'Bell termed and formulated, and Lawrence has developed further, along with the deeper philosophical and spiritual elements of the art that come alive in the practice.

The reality of Aikido both as effective self-defense and as an evolving art that develops and reflects the growth of consciousness, is important to our approach and in the way we teach, practice, and add what we have to offer to the art.